As that hot mess, the Infernal Sheepghan, lumbers off the hook to its messy and unsatisfactory end, I am reminded of a few things. Like, say, a mangy border collie. Or a balding shag rug. Gollum’s hairdo? The point I am trying to make is this: heaven help me, there are a lot of ends. I couldn’t quite capture the full horror of them with my camera:

The Infernal Sheepghan

In fact, I was unable to get a photo without a baby in it. Quit smiling, Charlie, Mommy’s trying to be grumpy. Just to see if I was being unreasonable, I counted: there are almost 40 ends on one side, and there appears to be a similar amount on the other side as well. Erk.


Charlie tried it out, and it passed the peek-a-boo test. I suppose it will do. I just want to say again, for the record, that I am never, ever, doing one of these again. Never.

While I was getting ready to tear my hair out over the slow and torturous progress I was making on the Sheepghan, I started a new project that gave relief through its simplicity: Greg’s scarf.

Manly Scarf

For those of you that don’t recall, I’m using Plymouth Indiecita’s Alpaca Boucle that I bought at Yarnivore – Greg picked it out himself. I checked out the yarn on Ravelry, and one of the few people that had used it for a project had made a garter stitch scarf out of it. While the boucle obscures a great deal of the stitch definition, you can still see a bit – like drawing lines in dry sand. Garter stitch, therefore, made fuzzy ridges. I really didn’t like the look of it, so I decided to use stockinette. In an attempt to keep it from rolling up I’ve edged it in garter stitch, but for the most part it is plain, simple, stockinette. Greg loves it.



  1. Mom says:

    Well – it looks to me like Charlie has the right idea – just love it. It will work. It does look like you have one important job left undone though. It looks like Charlie really needs bubbles blown on his tummy and squealing and giggling. The sheep is really cute and someone – never knowing the anxiety and frustration it caused you will love it! Mom

  2. bezzie says:

    Hee hee! Men indeed! If they’re not loving afghans you hate, they’re loving boring stitch patterns!

    Your mom is so cute–her comment sounds like something my mom would say!!

  3. Cynically Pink says:

    I’ll bet that sheep blanket turns in to the one that ends up getting dragged around the house from now till its time for the kid to go to college. It has a very “bond with baby” feel. I agree with the little boy, it’s very cute!

  4. Abi says:

    I think that afghan is going to get lots of love, just judging by your little one’s interaction with it. Yes, I’m not wishing to be your weaving in those yarn ends. Ha ha, don’t you just love how men like no frills things, okay boring looking stuff.

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