Shameless Self-Promotion

Link to me! Come on – you know you want to. And look, a button has been prepared for you!

Look at that. A nice little standard button. I’ve added it to my sidebar. Now, you want to, too, don’t you? I was going to leave it at that, but I thought that some of you might want something a little…bigger. Bolder. More…obvious. For you, I’ve made the button below:

You’re welcome. Feel free to slather it all over your site…your blog…your children…whatever. I thought that was good, but then it occurred to me that a few – a select few – of you might need something even bigger. For you, my groupies (the rest of you, quit giggling and play along) I’ve made something very special.

There. How do you like that? I’m afraid that if anyone wants anything more, they’re going to have to contact me directly. A pop-up blinking banner that scoots around the screen? I don’t know how to make those, but we’ll see what we can do.


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