Remember Chaco?

What? You don’t remember him? Whyever not? It’s only been since July, after all…what do you mean, “that was nearly seven months ago” – that’s ridiculous!

Oh, wait. Hahaha. It is the end of January, isn’t it? Here’s a refresher:

on-arm side view

…and a link to the original post where you will find more pictures (at the end). It’s quite difficult, you know, to take a decent picture of your own arm. Try it. I did. Many times. He’s cute, though, yes? You will be surprised (and, hopefully, pleased) to learn that this pattern is finally in testing! For all that I put it off, do you know how long it took me to finish it up? One day. That’s it. He’s in testing now, though, and assuming the pattern doesn’t bomb in tests you’ll be able to buy his pattern within about two weeks! Um, if I get the shopping cart on my site set up by then.

Sadly, this is the part of the creative process I hate the most. I’m trying my best to finish up a bunch of designs hanging in various stages of limbo – really, I am – and yet I have found myself drawn again and again in the past few days to my yarn closet. A few enterprising skeins that cannot be supposed to have anything to do with works currently in progress nearly seduced me into removing them from the closet! Obviously, I can’t be trusted. I have (A LOT of) yarn that needs winding (and afterwards, washing), a scarf that needs to be knitted, the Christmas ornament patterns to type up and test (balls and candy cane and sheep), more sweaters to frog and wind and wash, patterns currently on my blog to be typed up formally and transferred to pdf so they can be downloaded from their new pages at Inner Child Crochet (which don’t exist yet: must make more pages…). This is completely ignoring the fact that I haven’t finished the curtains, and I have a few patterns that I need to resize, various WIPs buried so deep I’ve half forgotten them, and many, many skeins of yarn that I promised special projects to when I bought them. You wouldn’t want me to break my promises to yarn, would you?

So, why do I have this urge to begin a sweater? Or better yet, an afghan! I could go for an afghan…


  1. Bezzie says:

    Woman, you are amazing…that parrot puppet rocks!

    Gah, I need to learn to crochet! I hold yarn in my left hand when I knit–I heard that makes it easier to crochet…right? Right???

  2. pyogazel says:

    Hello there!
    Bezzie, I hold the yarn in my left hand too (I crochet) I supose it’s true!

    Melissa, your puppet looks lovely, I love your new site, I enjoy reading your blog, and I do understand how hard it is to resist attractive new skeins when wips are crying out and patterns are waitning to be formalized… I always feel my blog looks a hot mess and I haven’t got a decent free patterns page… :roll:

    well, one step at a time they say!

    Good luck!

  3. Abi says:

    As always, I’m just simply amazed at your creations. Your parrot is just so cute. I love yarn, sometimes I wonder if I like building the stash more than using it up. You are one busy mommy, that’s for sure.

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