Hey, Look! Content!

That’s right, folks. I’ve added some new, exclusive-to-the-site content to my little pet project, Inner Child Crochet.


That excellent photo is courtesy of my sister. Nice, right? I asked her if she would like me to use her real name on my blog or if she’d prefer to be pseudonymed along with the rest of the cast. She opted for a pseudonym, and I told her she got to pick it herself. She hasn’t gotten back to me on that, yet. Honestly – what would you name yourself, if you got to pick any name you wanted? I have no idea. I like mine quite well.

Anyway, I’ve come to realize what aspiring e-zines already know – even a little content looks more impressive if it is all presented at once. Not that I have any plans to become a publication, but I think I’ll add new stuff about once a month. I decided to go with the middle of the month because – honestly – it doesn’t get enough love.

Aside from the things I worked up for the site – which was very relaxing, by the way, just tearing through those swatches of single crochet – I designed something this week. I’m putting off showing it to you, because I’m dithering over whether I ought to submit it somewhere. I have a rigorous set of standards when it comes to my patterns; in order for me to sell it it has to be 1) totally mine (not derivative), 2) a clean, professional-looking design (no gappage or lumps), 3) not too simple (I would feel ridiculous and a bit dishonest trying to sell a pattern for plain circular coasters), and 4) tested for accuracy. If you look at my free patterns (with the exception of my designs for Crochetme, which are Awesome and do meet the requirements), you can probably guess which requirement(s) each of them fails. Well, I mean, I know exactly where each design falls short. But this design I did this week, I would totally sell. I will sell it if I decide not to submit it – or it gets rejected (unless they laugh at me and tell me it sucks, in which case I might burn it and never speak of it again…). So I really – I think I want to submit it. I’m just a smidge intimidated because I’ve never tried to sell a design before. Plus, nobody accepts emailed submissions. I mean, come ON!


  1. bezzie says:

    Well if the new thing fits your critera, then I say go for submitting it–what’s the worse they tell you? No? And if they tell you no, then you sell the pattern with your others!

    Hmm…is this sister older or younger? Maybe you should have a blog contest—“Give the sister a pseudonym!” 😉

  2. Julie says:

    I’ve known how to make a proper crocheted circle for at least 10 years, and of course I’ve crocheted hats – but it never occurred to me that one would lead directly to the other! Thanks for pointing it out…I’ll never have to Google “crochet hats” again. And I have a nice new JoAnn-Dolcetto hat. :) Inner Child Crochet looks terrific!

  3. Emily says:

    Call her Lethe. *inno* That’s something I thought about calling her, once, for a psuedonym. Lethe is the river of forgetfullness. 😀

  4. Abi says:

    I swear I thought that was you posing for the picture. She does make a great model. I love the color of the hat, it looks yummy, kind of like ice cream. Hee hee.

    Oooo, I want to think of a name….hmmm…..how about, Elora or Cordelia or Luthien the Fair or my all time favorite, Goddess Divine (I’m still trying to get my husband to call me that). I’m getting too carried away so have fun.

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