Losing Ground

Things are beginning to back up here, a smidge. We’re closing on our house either tonight or tomorrow, and then come Saturday we will be moving in! WOOOOO!

On the other hand, I’m two full days behind on my NaNo novel (NaNovel?) and unless I can crank out some words today, it will be three. The package for my sister is sitting on my sofa, along with the slowly progressing knitting project. With all the things that are slowing down, you’d think that I’d be on top of the packing, right? Wroooong! It reminds me a bit of our very first move as a married couple: my dear husband was in Basic Training, I was 6 month pregnant and in college, and I kept packing and packing and packing but would probably have failed to finish in time without the day my family came to visit and packed up half my house for me. Ahhh, those were the days.

We’re not moving very far away, so if worst comes to worst we’ll just pile things that are still out into WOE boxes and hand carry them over, setting them in a corner to sort later. (We’ve found that, on average, it takes us 6 months to a year to unpack every box we move with – at which point it’s usually time to move again. Not this time, though! Yaaaay!) If you’re not familiar with the term ‘WOE,’ I’ll explain: What/Where/Why on Earth? As in, What on earth is that? Where on earth does that go? Why on earth is that out/hasn’t that been thrown away/put away/whatever. Haha. Ha.

At this rate I won’t have time to go to Kid n Ewe. :( We were suppose to move last week, darnit! Hrm. Mebbe I can sneak off Saturday afternoon. I hear they have sheep and llamas there – Max would love that.

In other news, Charlie rolled over today. Twice! Although, I’m not sure if it counts as a full roll-over if you finish with one arm pinned behind your back.


  1. bezzie says:

    Aww!! Boo to moving and come to Kid N’Ewe!!! I’ll have Chunky–the only reason I’m bringing him is to see the llamas and lambs.

    I like WOE. I’ve got a closet full of WOE boxes that I didn’t have room to unpack them!

  2. Deneen says:

    Good luck with the move-I moved several times before my husband and I married. Since we’ve been married, we have moved three times (this time is the last time) and let me tell you-at first, I took my time with boxes, etc. I am so neurotic about boxes now and, from moving so much for years, I am unpacked within two days of my move. I also move the kitchen and bathroom items myself and have them set up before hand-but use movers for everything else. It’s made the moves much more tolerable and the last move we made was only 1 1/2 miles away.

  3. mom says:

    yes! yes! it does Woooo! Kiss him soundly!
    Oh, we shopped and shopped today for Christmas craft project supplies. Spent a fortune, and then got to the cashier and found out the % of coupon, was not just for one item, but the WHOLE PURCHASE! I LOVE Joannes! Love and Kisses Mom

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