Okay, now I’m bored. See how I entertain myself? Fun, though. You should try it – yelling and striking karate poses while your camera timer snaps shots is lots of fun, although it yields surprisingly few useable pictures. I finished my ribbed raglan bolero today (I don’t know what to start now – hence the boredom). Observe the front –

bolero (1)

…the back –

bolero (2)

Cute, yes? And perfect for this time of year, when one might begin to consider wearing a second (short-sleeved) layer outside (ah, but in the evening. We don’t want heatstroke…) For the first time, I find myself wondering if I should have swatched. What will happen to this particular yarn and pattern stitch when I wash it? Will it shrink? Will it grow? Will it care? I’m not terribly concerned about this sweater, but – let’s just say that suddenly, for no apparent reason, I’ve realized how much time, mony, energy and effort could be wasted without a swatch.

I still hate swatching.


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