A Little Piece of Crocheting

I’m feeling a lot like crocheting, lately. Crocheting fun, fun things.

Angel Wings Pinafore

Pattern is the Angel Wing Newborn Pinafore from Bev’s Country Cottage – and it’s free, my favorite price. I don’t have much yarn in my stash appropriate for a project like this, but I found a ball of Lion Brand Recycled Cotton in Rose Coral which I thought would work. And it did…just not very far. I decided to redo the yoke with some plain ol’ white kitchen cotton and then worked the skirt with the Recycled Cotton until it ran out. Fortunately, the white at the bottom looks cute.

By the way, the Recycled Cotton? Not my favorite yarn. It’s made of a bunch of small threads plied loosely together, which meant constant splitting, AND it gradually untwisted more and more until about halfway through the ball it wasn’t plied at all. I had to retwist by hand until I had enough to work with. I read on Ravelry that some people experienced their yarn twisting up until it was gnarled into unworkable knots; I don’t know if I had the opposite happen because I’m left-handed or because I was crocheting rather than knitting. Either way, it feels nice enough, but it’s a pain to work with. I probably won’t buy it again.

Crocheting, however… I’m already hard at work on my next project, which is, unfortunately, large and boring. At least, at first. Stand by for updates!

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