They may not be yarny –

But they’re definitely crafty. The project du jour to which I refer?


Beanbags! Something which, I thought (silly me!), would be a quick 30-minute/hour-long project to whip up after the kids went to bed. Of course, between Thing 1 and Thing 2 it turned into an all-week-long beanbagathon. I averaged about 3 beanbags a day, and today I am FINISHED! (Yay!) Greg was very complimentary about the handsewing I did on them (the after-filling closures, you know) but to be fair, aside from embroidery, I don’t think he’s ever seen me do handsewing that was not repairwork. There isn’t really any comparison between the stitching I did on these and the big, despairing, double-stranded mends I make to the back of his jeans. I have honestly no idea what he does to them – I’ve theorized that it involves sliding down a cheese-grater when he goes out in them alone. He claims not to know where they came from, either. It’s just like the 12 dancing princesses! Seriously, those pants just lost the will to live and died. My husband is wearing a denim corpse.
Anyway, I used dry beans that I happened to have sitting around in the cupboard and some scrap fabric I had from a quilt I made a few years ago. (That’s right, mom. That’s right, grandma. I carried the scraps around with me through 5 moves, and now they have become beanbags.) The blue and tan plaid ones are from scraps left from a sheet I used to make a tablecloth last year. See? I am thrifty. Thrifty, thrifty, thrifty. Which is a good thing, because Greg and I are buying a house.

What’s that, you say? Didn’t you move less than a year ago?

Why yes, yes I did. But the base is privatizing the housing and we have till November 1st to get out or sign for another year. Since we were considering buying a house when our lease expired in December anyway, we decided to go for it. And hey, we found one! We found a house that we love, and can afford, but to afford it we will have to cut some spending habits. Which is fine, because Greg and I both feel it is worth it. So thrifty is the name of the game for at least the next few months!

With that, I’ll leave you another shot of what it’s really all about: beanbags.

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