One of These Skeins is Not Like the Others..

Okay, you know the tune. Ready?

One of these skeins is from the wrong dyelot,
Even though they are not s’posed to be.
Can you guess which skein is from the wrong dyelot?
Just click on the picture and see!

Let’s play! Here’s how it works. Look at the closeup, and see if you can guess which skein was bought seperately from the rest. Click the pic, and see if your guess matches the skein with the label face-up. (These pics were taken at different angles, some with sunlight, some with flash. Just to make it fair to the yarn.)

challenge crop 2
Click here if you want a better look before you guess.

How did you do? Want to try again? Here you go!

challenge crop 1
Again, click here for a bigger view of the image.

Doing well? Here’s the last one:

challenge crop 3
Here’s the bigger version.

Well, that was fun. Wasn’t that fun? I tried very hard to capture the shade difference on film, but it was a little tough. They are definitely different, though (at this very moment the offending skein is sitting in the sun with its cousins on the table to my left, leering at me with its slightly different shade of sage) so we will be exchanging the yarn. A mismatched skein is not worthy of all the effort that goes into a handmade sweater. I mean, the last thing you want is for someone to come up to you and – instead of complimenting your creation – mention that the left sleeve is really more of a duck-egg than a sage green. (It’s all about the nuances.)
Fortunately, the answer here is simple. I’m going to go to Walmart, exchange the sage for some more grey heather (I ran out last night – I’m hoping that the heather will help conceal any discrepancies between the new yarn and my WIP made with last year’s purchase. Whatever.) after which I will duck into Michael’s for another skein of their sage. Voila!

Oh, and hey. You know you played the game. Tell us how you did!


  1. Deneen says:

    Yes, no dyelot isn’t always right and I have run into this before (except with white). I try at the store, to place all of them together at one time and just cross my fingers. Yes, I could tell which one it was in each picture.

    I have also purchased same dyelots in yarn and run into the same problem, but didn’t notice until the project was finished.

    It’s all a crap shoot sometimes.

  2. Trish says:

    I have recently found the same dyelots/different colors issue with the Plush ‘Cream”, which was actually Aprocot, @ Walmart. I also discovered that one skein came from Turkey,apricot was softer, while the other from ?? (thought I had a label handy but don’t). was also rougher than the one from Turkey.


  3. Emily says:

    I got 2/3, and the one I didn’t get was the one with four . . . and the right one was my second thought.


    *shakes her fist at her favorite yarn*

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