Crochet: Still the Fastest

Ahh, that’s better. Although Max and Charlie are still inexplicably upset by the sound of my fingers on the aluminum (can someone recommend a material inaudible to small children?) apparently the fact that there’s only one utensil has gained me some mercy. May I present: ‘Since Yesterday, in Still Life.’


That’s right, I’ve managed not-one-but-two of these . . . sleeve-like . . . sleeve-shaped . . . short-sleevy . . . hmm, what could it be? Must wait and see… but after all the knitting, I felt like I was flying when I got my hook back in my hands. I’m sure that part of it is that I have the knitting experience of a crafty ten-year-old, but it is so slooooow. Yes, I’m sure my speed will pick up with practice. Some people really zoom on their needles. (Like Eunny! Of course, she is a knitting genius/deity.) But, unless you’re like Eunny (and please, God, if you’re sending me a present this year, can you make me like Eunny?) it seems to be a lot of work for slow progress. If only the results weren’t so darn appealing, I could drop it. Oh well.
Anyway, said sleeve-like objects above were made using some stashed Simply Soft in Grey Heather (I’m a sucker for a heathered yarn) that I had left over. The first time I touched this yarn I knew that it wanted to be ribbing, and now it is! A lot of beautiful, beautiful ribbing. (Live the dream, yarn!) I love crocheted ribbing, personally. I think it’s one of the most visually appealing textures you can create with a hook. See? Look at the lovely shadows. Mmmm.


And, following up on my resolution to work more with the Simply Soft, I purchased enough in Sage and a delicious Plum Wine to make two somethings for myself.

yummy ss

At Walmart the Sage was all but cleared out (I wonder why), only one lonely skein languishing in the bin. I grabbed the other three at Michael’s. It cost more there, but when I got home I noticed that the skeins from Michael’s had one extra ounce apiece. Hmm, strange. Still, they’re some lovely colors, and I can’t wait to do something with them.


  1. Deneen says:

    Trish is right, wood hooks for sure (or bamboo). I did notice that plastic with acrylic kinda makes a squeeky noise that annoys me also. I have hooks in metal, wood/bamboo and plastic and use whichever doesn’t feel so squeeky with whatever yarn I am using.

    I have really grown to love Simply Soft yarn. At first, I hated it’s splittiness, but I think that was a bad batch (seriously). It has such a nice sheen, great color choices and such a nice price. I love the colors you picked out.

  2. mom says:

    The babies always seem to find something that sets off the “Look at me NOW” gene in them. With mine it was the phone, bathroom door (I never got to go alone for – like 10 years!), and the dinner hour. Just grin, hug the babies, and get on with the most important job. Then come back to the yarn fun later. Welcome to it. Love Mom

  3. Julie says:

    I knit and crochet too, and while I adore bamboo knitting needles, I still love me an aluminum hook best of all. When my kids were teeny-tiny, it was the rustling of a cross-stitch magazine that would set them off. Crochet didn’t seem to bother them so much – maybe because they knew there was a blanket or something for them at the end! :)

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