To steal a title – crunch time.

Hiiii, Jana. Crunch time over here, too. Although, I think I do not flatter myself when I say that my crunch time is probably crunchier than most of yours, gentle readers, and perhaps a bit stickier, too. Do I detect a hint of nuttiness?


I’m moving in a week and a half – have I mentioned that before? (Don’t be silly, Melissa, you know you haven’t. *whap self*) I am. This will be our fourth residence in a few months less than three years (about 2 and 3/4, actually) of marriage, so I’d consider myself something of a pro on the subject. Add to that the fact that we’re only moving across town (to a nicer place, closer to Greg’s work!) and the fact that the military will be moving our stuff for free (knew they were good for something…I’m so glad I don’t have to carry furniture this time *whew*) and you may ask yourself, why is she stressed over this? Just sit back and relax as hired, professional movers come in, pack up your things, move them, and then unpack them for you at your new home so you can leave the snotty, profiteering, ant-infested apartments in the past! (They are lovely apartments, by the way. Except for the ants. And that dog that stops by our bushes every morning to poo.)

Well, to answer your question, I’m stressed for a few reasons. First of all, I’m MOVING! I won’t be able to find all my stuff again for – well, probably forever. Every now and again, Greg asks me if I know the location of something and the best I can do is tell him where it was in our last apartment. (Sometimes that helps…) And this is especially bad right now, because in the upcoming month I have multiple projects and packages that need to be finished or sent with deadlines looming and dates approaching…that’s something I really am worried about, losing track of things that I’m going to need soon, plus just not being to find things, in general. I hate that.

Another reason is that I’ve never done a move with military movers before. We could have done it ourselves and made a bunch of money, but we just didn’t feel up to moving all of our stuff ourselves again so soon. (This is looking like a better and better choice today, as Greg went and played football with some friends this morning, and thinks he may have broken his foot. Ha. Hahahaha.) I’m very nervous about having hired strangers handling nearly every item in our home. It feels so…invasive. Greg and I will be moving personal items, (underwear, Christmas presents) perishable items, (food and such) and easily steal-able valuables (DVDs, our Playstation…) ourselves. One nice thing is that we get the key to our new house before our lease runs out, so we have a bit of time when our apartment will be empty of our stuff that we can clean it up, fill nail-holes, and avoid as many exit fees as possible. Our apartment complex is notorious for gouging on the exit. (Fees, dude, fees.)

Anyway, that would be bad enough at any other time of year, but I still have Christmas stuff to do. I have two gifts that still need to be designed, made, written out, photographed, wrapped and sent – along with the pile of other gifts that need to be wrapped and mailed, and a few more that need to be put together and sent. And we have to send notes. Yay. And – and, don’t forget, I need to finish Max’s Christmas stocking, and start on mine. (Greg’s is done, from last year.)

Oh, yeah, plus I’ve committed to write an article with accompanying pattern for the LOVE issue of CrochetMe that’s due January 5th. It’s not hard, I just have to do it. I already have some of it done, I just need to take pictures for the article, and put my design together. (Yeah, I’ve already written the pattern out. If I lose THAT in the move, there will be trouble. I hate redoing things I’ve already done well.) Plus, I’m pining for Genevieve, whose final materials are even now in the hands of the US Postal Service, on their way to me. I think. But since they didn’t arrive today, they won’t until Monday at least, so I should really start working on something else. Yeah.

I have a headache.

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  1. jana says:

    do you ever watch the simpson’s? you know when nelson laughs and says ” Ha Ha ” really loud in that annoying voice? thats the first thing i thought of when i read your post! sorry:) i do feel for you:)

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