Easy Tunisian, my sweet patootie!

So, I thought I’d pick up tunisian crocheting over the weekend.

Let us never speak of it again.

No, seriously – have you guys tried to learn tunisian? Did it suck? I’m not even sure I was doing it right. The stitches slid around on the hook, got in my way, and when I managed a little swatch, it didn’t really look like the diagram in my book. Tunisian is advertised as crocheting that is ‘more like knitting,’ but now that I know how to knit for real, I’m wondering why I feel the need to pick up a technique that is being so friggin difficult.

I already had the hooks, I picked them up when I was about 13, 14 or so and started a project with the afghan stitch, which I later frogged down to its component parts. So, either I used to be able to do it, I never could figure out how to do it (can’t remember), or I was doing it incorrectly. (That would be my guess :lol:) I definitely have vague memories of the process, because while I was working on it this weekend, I kept thinking “this doesn’t feel right…” and I don’t think that was entirely because it felt nothing like my comfortable rows of single crochet, nor anything like my knitting.

In other news, I’ve joined the happy, active community at Crochetville (about time, too… :P) where I found some willing pattern testers for my llama. You remember the llama, right? 😉

Is anyone else excited that Crochetme is coming out on Saturday? Heeheehee…


  1. jana says:

    i havent tried the tunsie stuff yet. i love amie’s patterns at nexstitch so i want to give it a try. i have a few hooks. did you try her video tutorials? nexstitch.com

  2. Tracey says:

    Welcome to crochetville!!!! My only experience with Tunisian was the asymmetrical poncho pattern sold by StitchDiva (www.stitchdiva.com). It was only one or maybe two types of stitches, if I recall. So it wasn’t hard. I was using a plastic Q hook with a small round circle of cardboard screwed onto the end to keep the stitches from falling off. It was very technical. LOL. Love your blog and I am very excited about Crochetme. I’m finishing up my spikestitch pillow soon.

  3. Chailyn says:

    . . . You should know by now that you were the only one in the family who could crochet correctly before you showed me this summer. What makes you think this wierd stuff is going to be even close to what you remember?

  4. Melissa says:

    Lol, yeeees, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t think I could pick it up in a snap! Maybe I needed my crocheting ego deflated! 😆

  5. jane says:

    oh dearie, tunisian is simple as pie especially since you already know knitting. yOu just need the right tutorials:)
    and try crohooking. its so cool looking!

  6. cheri burton says:

    Buy a tunisian hook (sized to your yarn), it has a butt on it so your stitche don’t fall off. Then find the website crochet me.com go to the vidios demonstrating tunisian stitches. You will wonder what ever stopped you from learning this easy technique. With the level of competence you’ve shown here I know you can handle this!

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