Say it with me: Awwwwwwww…

poor baby

Three words: Cutest. Boy. EVER! My sister and I went to Sea World this week, dragging poor Max along with us. I’m sad to say he didn’t have the best time, what with the heat and the humidity and the lack of quiet places for naptime. He did enjoy the aquarium, though, where I held him up to the fishtanks and he tried to catch the bright fish through the glass. I don’t think he quite understood why he couldn’t grab them. Anyway, despite the usual bad results of attempting flash photography through glass, I got some pretty good ‘shark’ pictures for Greg (who had to go to work, ha-ha!). He really loves sharks.

shark tank (11)

We did everything! Rides (one at a time, of course, someone had to stay with Max), the waterpark, and the animal interactions and shows. Over two days, of course. What, you think I have a deathwish? My sister had a ball – a good thing, too, as this visit was a graduation present from us and my parents – and I had a good time too. Poor Max. Sooooo tired.

Here’s possibly my best shot of the entire trip:

shamu (6)

Cool, huh? Oh, and on a crochet related note, my submission for CrochetMe’s next issue is coming along, and as long as I can concentrate long enough to get it done before the deadline, I predict you’ll see another pattern from me in the October issue…


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