Ah, the productivity of procrastination…

So, I finished something else today. Obviously, I haven’t been working on my CrochetMe pattern for a few days… 😳 But I got a free piece of software from PC Stitch that lets you make charts. It’s really intended for cross-stitch patterns, but I’ve been able to make a few for crochet. Since a single crochet isn’t exactly a square, it needs to have a few more rows than stitches to produce a square. I’m working on it. Here’s my first one:

gryphon square

Click the picture for a larger view.

It’s a gryphon, in case you can’t tell. I like gryphons. I’m thinking maybe I should have used a more contrasting color for the gryphon. But it was fun. Hopefully, this is only the first of twelve to make a mythical/fantasy child-size afghan. This is my first experience with this many color changes, and it was a little tangled, I must admit, but the end result is quite interesting.

At any rate, I’m adding the chart in my patterns section.

I’m going to work on my CrochetMe pattern, I swear! *shifty*

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