Almost Inexplicable

After the ‘fire hat,’ I turned to the project I had intended to begin in the first place – hats for the boys, in virulent warm colors. I wanted to make hats. I tried to make hats. Turns out I had hat fatigue.

My eyes!

After some time alone with Ravelry‘s pattern browser, I decided to make a baby sweater – despite the facts that a) I have no baby, b) even if I had a baby, I’m not sure what the odds are that I would want to wrap said infant in such violent colors, and c) my eyes, my eyes, someone please help, my eyes. The pattern I picked is Beth Koskie’s Crocheted Baby Sweater, a simple free pattern available online. (Again, I’m not sure why I chose it, given my well-documented dislike of large stretches of double crochet in worsted weight.)

Still, despite all indicators to the contrary, I like it. It’s cheerful. It’s a completed sweater – an uncommon accomplishment for me, even in baby sizes – and I especially like the button I chose:

Shiny! Black! Nice.

Like a small obsidian promontory thrusting up out of boiling magma. Now, isn’t that a cheerful image?


  1. mom says:

    Sweaters like this are what baby dolls were made for – or beautiful darker skinned babies. Little peachy babies tend to get swallowed in these festive colors 😡

  2. Pyogazel says:

    I like it too! I love the colour!
    I must say I’m a believer of insanely bright colours for babies! Hey! the better you stimulate them, the brighter they become ;o)

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