New Patterns A-Comin’

Lots of new patterns are on the way! The final issue of CrochetMe under Kim‘s direction should be here within a day or two. I’ve got another pattern in it – a really fun one. I’m excited to see it published, to see people’s reactions to it. I love when people get excited about my work.

I’ve also got the pattern for the Snake ‘Sock Puppet’ almost finished being written, and the patterns for the Silly Monkey and the Hard Hats are in the works. The patterns would get to you a lot faster if I would quit making new stuff, but apparently I just can’t keep my hands off the yarn.

This weekend I tried my hand at a (very small) knitted stuffed animal, and I don’t think it turned out half bad.


He’s only two and a half inches high – the arms, legs, and trunk are actually I-cord. (I don’t know why I’m fascinated with the stuff.) I’m really pleased with how he turned out, but now that I’ve tried one from scratch, I think I want to knit one from a pattern to see what kinds of shaping and finishing are employed in ‘professional’ patterns. My favorite project, currently, is another crochet project. Here’s a sneak peek:


I’ll let you in on a secret: the inspiration for more than one design has come from this book. (It was one of Max’s favorites when he was younger; I was forced to look at those illustrations for a loooong time. My mind wandered a bit.) In fact, can you see which Jungle Bug is lurking on this page? It’s coming along quickly, and looking great. I’d be having a ball, but I’m not quite sure if I have enough red to finish…

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  1. bezzie says:

    Funny how you can read those books to them and still be able to think of other stuff isn’t it? Last night I read a fave of Chunky’s to him with my eyes closed. Ha ha!
    Can’t wait to see what you unveil next!

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