Only 9 days?

Wow. So much has happened this last week. I’ve been glued to the Yahoo! News page as the extent of the damage and chaos left in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has been revealed. It’s unbelieveable. Millions of people have been affected, hundreds of thousands have been at least temporarily displaced from their homes, tens of thousands likely have no ‘home’ to return to. It’s possible that thousands of people have died, although it’s hard to be sure, because their bodies have been left to rot in the streets and float on diseased floodwater, because there is simply no time or resources to gather them. Some people are still waiting to be evacuated from New Orleans, willingly or otherwise. There has even been talk of whether New Orleans should be rebuilt at all! I’m sure they’ll rebuild it, but the fact that the option was even mentioned gives an idea of how devastating and widespread the damage was.

I never would have thought that a city in the United States would be reduced to Third-World status. People were looting buildings, some just to survive! The contractors repairing the levees in New Orleans have said that they’ve gotten used to the sound of gunfire out in the city. People were left with even basic human needs unfulfilled, as there was a shortage of drinkable water, edible food, and safe shelter. I read this story yesterday about a six-year-old boy who was found wandering around, shepherding five younger children, including a 5-month-old baby and three toddlers.

If you haven’t done so already, find some way to help these people. Donate to the Red Cross, volunteer at a shelter – pray. Every little bit helps, and it’s going to take a lot of ‘little bits’ to get these people everything that they need.

On a lighter note, Greg has asked me to make him a llama.

A llama? That’s what I said. 😆 Apparently he’s on a ‘Llama Team’ at work. It’s their mascot, or something. So he wants a llama. Go here to listen to the Llama Song. If that doesn’t make you laugh, there’s something wrong with you. Or, perhaps, you just need to turn on the sound. Heehee.

So, I’m designing him a llama. Here’s where all the magic happens! Some people have a sewing room. I have a cushion on the loveseat.


And here is how the llama is coming along! I’m making good progress, although you’ll notice he has no legs or facial features. Yet.

lloopy llama

It gave me an opportunity to use the loop stitch, a novelty stitch that I’ve never used before. Cool, neh?


  1. melissa (too!) says:

    my name is melissa too, and i love crochet!!! we could be sisters or something!! LOL I love the llama by the way :smile:
    I live in Mississippi and i work for the us army corps of engineers, and its us who are repairing the levees in New Orleans, not contractors. We built them and maintain them, and we repair them. and i know until a few days ago, it was very dangerous for our folks down there, but they do their job anyway. To be honest, I’ve not heard anything coming out of our “war room” that New Orleans would not be rebuilt, that’s a new one for me…must be the media spreading that one. they are good for that. We hope to have NO completely dewatered relatively soon, its the clean-up afterwards that will take so long. Slowly, life for us in these parts is getting back to normal. for places like NO, it will just take some time. Thank you for thinking about us, and worrying about us. and thank you for asking folks to donate. i would suggest either the red cross or the salvation army, or samaritans purse. and please continue to pray for us. we need all we can get. I am very blessed, i still have my home, many many were not so fortunate in NO, and also on the gulfcoast which also was completely decimated. i’ve seen the arial photo’s and i could barely recognize landmarks. God bless! and you do beautiful crochet work :)

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