New Year, New Project

It’s January 1st, and I have a project in mind for 2015. Max is ten years old, and I just realized the other day that he doesn’t sleep under a full twin-sized blanket. He has a 3/4 size fleece blanket that he uses, which up until now has worked just fine…but he’s growing, and he’s going to need more, and if I want to make it, I need to give myself enough time!

Especially since I’ve got big, crazy plans. (Like I always do, you know me!) According to the size charts at Bev’s Country Cottage (I like to refer to these, they’re super useful), twin sized is 48″ x 72″. So, if I plan to break it up into 12 inch squares (which I do, I think I can convince myself to make squares much more easily than a whole afghan) that’s 24 squares for a twin sized afghan.

Here’s my sketch.

The chickenghan!

As you can see, that’s going to be a LOT of work. If I can manage two squares a month, I can get it done for Christmas. Look at me! I’m planning ahead!

…Let’s hope it helps.

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