Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Have I mentioned before how in love Max is with our chickens? It seems like I must have. That boy is obsessed with every kind of poultry he can get his hands on.

Exhibit A:

No exaggeration here. He LOVES his chickens.

So it seemed only natural that I should make him a chicken that he’s ALLOWED to have in the house. (The living ones occasionally make it in, but not too often.)

Today I’m presenting the Big Fat Hen:

Big Fat Hen by Melissa Mall

If you’re into chickens, you can buy the pattern in my pattern store!

I hope you like it as much as I do. It’s a fun little chicken (approximately chicken sized, it sits about a foot tall when you ignore the legs), it was pretty fast to make, and I’m actually planning some more chicken-y projects in the near future.

Big Fat Hen by Melissa Mall

…but then, we might be a little too into chickens around here.

Chicken falconer? Chickener?

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