Simple Peg Nativity

So this is a post from post-Christmas 2013. Hi from the past, everybody!

My mother is a collector of handmade and unique nativities, so as a gift to her, I made this little peg nativity.

DIY Simple Peg Nativity

As you can see, it’s very minimalist, but you know what? That’s why I like it.

Now for the particulars: Mary and Joseph were both made with the standard “peg people” (2-3/8″ tall) peg. Some people use the curvy or belled pegs for women when they make peg dolls, but I decided to use the straight peg for my Mary and I think it worked. Baby Jesus was painted using the 1-3/16″ ‘tot’ peg. I left the wood showing for the skin of their faces and just did really simple paint and lines to indicate who they are. Once they were dry, I sprayed thoroughly with clear acrylic sealer to protect the paint.

All in all, it was a quick, easy project that turned out well, and perhaps you can use the idea for your Christmas crafting!

DIY Simple Peg Nativity

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