10 Free Bags to Crochet for Boys

You know, as a crochet designer with four boys, I’ve really spent a lot of time looking at designs for boys – or the lack thereof. A good boys’ design is hard to find, so I’ve done some of the digging for you! If you need a bag for a boy in your life, check out this list of ten free bags to crochet for boys!

10 Free Bags to Crochet for Boys

Star Wars Amigurumi at Inner Child Crochet

Free Bag Patterns to Crochet for Boys

1. Owl Backpack by Sylvie Sirugue on Inspirations Créatives (don’t worry, it’s available in English!) This cute little owl could really be done in any color combination, but it makes a fun choice for a little boy’s bag.

Owl Backpack on Inspirations Créatives

2. ‘My Stuff’ Drawstring Bag from Yarnspirations is a roomy choice for the boy with a lot to carry.

My Stuff Bag from Yarnspirations

3. Busy Bee Backpack from Yarnspirations is a traditional, zippered backpack complete with an inner pocket.

Busy Bee Backpack from Yarnspirations

4. Coloring Book Tote by Melissa Mall via Crochetvolution 😉 is sized expressly for a couple of coloring books and a box of crayons.

Coloring Book Tote on Crochetvolution

5. Frog Backpack (also from Yarnspirations) would make a whimsical choice for an outdoor adventurer!

Frog Backpack from Yarnspirations

6. The ‘Monster Ate My Homework’ Tote from Yarnspirations is sure to be a favorite with those who love spooky and silly things together.

The Monster Ate my Homework Tote from Yarnspirations

7. Lego Inspired Backpack by Tamara Kelly from Moogly has a drawstring top and great lego-brick texturing.

Lego Inspired Backpack from Moogly

8. Toddler Sized Backpack by Rebecca Standridge from Ravelry is adjustable and easy to customize.

Toddler Sized Backpack from Ravelry

9. Messenger Bag by Aprile Mazey from The Steady Hand is a good sturdy staple that can be done in any colors you like!

Messenger Bag from The Steady Hand

10. Wee Backpack from Lion Brand is a quick and easy and sure to please.

Wee Backpack from Lion Brand

Batman and Superman Amigurumi at Inner Child Crochet

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