Return of the Tacky Sweater

You remember the Tacky Christmas Sweater my husband wore to the church Christmas party last year, right? Well, last night was this years’ party and we stepped up once again in the name of tacky and hilarious cheer. Behold: the Tacky Christmas Sweater 2.0:

Tacky Christmas  Sweater 2.0

I used the same basic pattern for the sweater base as I did last year with a few modifications (for example, I added two or three inches to each sleeve so that when he pulled his arms up more would stay covered). The rest was easy: a glue gun, some garland, pompoms, and two strands of battery-operated LED Christmas lights. Oh, and some cardboard from a cereal box, with more garland wrapped and glued around it as the star.

Tacky Christmas Sweater 2.0

We won first place again! It’s almost as though no one else…is as crazy…as…we are…hum. Something to think about.

Anyway, we’re already planning something different for next year, because this ended up feeling really similar to last year’s sweater, and we can’t have that.

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