Easy Thumbprint Ornaments

Wreath surgery the other day left me with a decent pile of spare, boring ornaments. What to do, what to do…

Easy Thumbprint Ornaments

Oh. Yeah, we could do that!

Easy Thumbprint Ornaments

To begin you need some plain ornaments and some acrylic craft paint. I had the kids come in one at a time for this part, and was very hands-on getting the thumbprints on the ornaments. (I just didn’t think I could take four kids with their hands in paint all at once.)

Easy Thumbprint Ornaments

We made tall white thumbprints for snowmen, round brown thumbprints for reindeer, and green thumbprint triangles for Christmas trees.

Next: to decorate! We used a black paint pen (paint would also work, Sharpies might work), a glue gun, teeny tiny pompoms, yarn, and little scraps of orange foam to decorate our ornaments.

Easy Thumbprint Ornaments

Use your imagination and what you have on hand! This ended up needing a LOT of help from me, but it wasn’t hard and the kids were SO proud to hang them on the tree.


  1. Nellie Thurman says:

    I love the crocheted hat for the boys. How can I make them larger for me? I’ve been looking for a ladies crochet pattern like the boys 2 blue hats you have pictures. How do you increase the size?

    Thank you for your help.
    Nellie Mae Thurman

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