Crochet Fun – Hats

I wasn’t kidding about hitting the hooks and yarn, you know.

Azalea Hat by Melissa Mall

Sorry it’s so big, but don’t you just love that picture?! When I finished my hat, I was trying to think of the best place to photograph it. I couldn’t think of a backdrop that would do justice to the blues and purples of the yarn until I looked off of my back porch and saw this orange-covered tree waaaaaay down at the bottom of the hill. I think the pictures were worth the hike down (and back up)!

I think I’m getting faster about writing up my patterns. It’s taken me long enough. (I actually surpassed 100 designs a long time ago, and I’m well on my way to 200.) At any rate, you can buy the pattern for the hat – which I named Azalea – at my website.

Since Azalea is my fifth crochet hat pattern I’m publishing for sale, I decided to bundle them together. You can buy all five hat patterns together for 20% less than buying them separately.

Handmade Hats to Crochet

Go check it out!

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