Pig-Can Bowling

Whew! Am I glad THAT party is over! I still have a few random things to post about it so expect to see them in the days ahead. Up first: Pig-Can Bowling!

Piggie Cans

Basically, I saved cans from dinner for a week or two and then painted them green with some acrylic craft paint. Add some circles and lines, you have pigs! These are a little dinged up…in the day it took me to buy some clear sealer the kids were going nuts. It was either let them play with the pig cans or let them play with the bird balls, and I decided to sacrifice the pigs. They’re sealed now, scratches and all, and I think they still look cute.

Anyway, the game is simple:

Max being careful.

Set up the cans…


And knock ’em down! The kids took turns setting it up for each other, but they had more fun when we switched to setting it up for themselves and then knocking down their own creation.

Look at that grin.

I was surprised – I think some of the older boys thought the game was too young for them and got tired of it after only one or two turns. The younger boys were happy to play it over and over, but this was not the favorite game at the party. I’m still happy with how it turned out, and MAX liked it very much (which is what’s important) but is it just me? Or are eight-year-olds harder to entertain than when I was one?

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