Monday Morning Link Party: XXII

Good morning everyone! Guess what?! I found a notebook with design notes from, like, 2006. As a direct result, you can now follow directions meticulously recorded by 22-year-old me to make round, striped Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Ball Ornaments! Free and easy.

They’re about three inches across, so they’d make nice toys just to play with, as well. Fun times!

On a quasi-related note, my little sister is doing her darndest to publish as many patterns as I have, and you should really go check out these boots she made.

Custom Sweater Boots from Bonbonanza

She even created a tutorial. You know. In case you have a pair of shoes you want to butcher and then recreate as boots. I’m eyeing some old sneakers languishing in the back of the closet, myself.

Let’s see, what else…I love the idea of this chicken wire bell from Crafty Nest.

Chicken Wire Bell from Crafty Nest

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, so I’ll mention it now: Greg is going to finish school here in Arizona in March, and we will be moving pretty much as soon as he gets those certifications. To a rural town. In Missouri. Where we will be helping to run the family farm. I think I might need a chicken wire bell.

I’m also a fan of this felt Christmas tree from The Mother Huddle.

Felt Christmas Tree from The Mother Huddle

Green felt tree. Felt ornaments. Hours of kid fun. Genius.

Also genius/adorable? These reindeer puppet gloves from Delia Creates. I can’t believe she cut out all those pieces by hand.

Reindeer Puppet Gloves from Delia Creates

Don’t they look great, though?

Finally, I wish someone would make me this Creamy Peppermint Bark Tart from Makes and Takes. Why do all these cream-laden, sugar-loaded, decadent desserts have to be so labor intensive? Don’t answer that.

Creamy Peppermint Bark Tart from Makes and Takes


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