10 Gifts to Crochet for Children

Hey guys! We’re headed to the Grand Canyon today! We’ll be camping there and getting back tomorrow night, so I wanted to leave you with another gift list.

10. Scarlet Macaw Hand Puppet

Scarlet Macaw Hand Puppet

I believe this pattern is my best seller of all time. It’s really cool. My favorite part is those beautiful, beautiful wings. Those bright primaries all together make this a visually striking bird, and I can’t count the ways and times my boys have run across the room with it on their hand to make the tail feathers fly out as part of some story or game. I love it.

9. Fireman Hat

Fireman Hat

Max begged me to make him this fireman hat several years ago. Aww. Look at that little man. There was a park nearby with a firetruck play structure, and he loved it. The best part, of course, is the badge with a star on the front. That totally makes the whole thing. And, it’s free!

8. Jungle Bugs

Jungle Bugs

Aww, I always loved these guys. Three little bugs, from 5 1/2 to 8 inches long, in wacky colors. These mostly get used as bug bombs in our house. What little brother can stand up to a giant bug being thrown in his face, after all?

7. Cool Hat

Cool Hat

Ahh, the Cool Hat. Charlie is excited to bring it on our trip (it’s supposed to get down into the 50s at night!) and that’s always a sign of a gift well-matched. This kid loves hats. If you know a kid who also loves wearing things on their head, check out the Cool Hat. It’s a free pattern!

6. Sweet Little Horse

Sweet Little Horse

Someone once told me that every child should have a horse at Christmas. Here’s a pattern for those of you who agree. This little horse is only about ten inches from nose to tail, so the crocheting won’t take long. The mane and tail will take a bit longer, but the more time you put into it, the more beautiful they’ll look, and detailed directions will help you do that.

5. Custom Quiver

Custom Quiver

If your present plans include a bow and arrow, consider making up a Custom Quiver to go along. You can modify it to fit children and arrows of different sizes, and it really makes a difference in how ‘cool’ the set is. We got Max a really neat set of bow and arrows, but as soon as the quiver was finished he thought it was even more awesome than before (something I had not thought possible).

4. Silly Monkey

Silly Monkey

It’s a monkey! The design for this monkey is very straightforward and won’t take too long to make. Perfect for someone who’s got more than a little monkey in them!

3. Plushie Pet Platypus

Plushie Pet Platypus

He’s a platypus! (They don’t do much.) He’s cute, though, and a massive hit with the kids. Ones who like platypus, anyway. At more than a foot long, he’s great for a big snuggle! Plus – free pattern!

2. Sweet Little Cow

Sweet Little Cow

I love this little cow. She’s just so cute! She’s just the right size to play with the little horse at number 6, and would be great for a little play barnyard.

1. Chaco Parrot Puppet

Chaco Parrot Puppet

Finally, Chaco. He’s a puppet with an internal sleeve built in, so he can be stuffed. As a result, he holds his shape even without a hand inside, and does double duty as a stuffed animal! Chaco is also very popular; the boys love to get him together with the macaw so they can have parrot-y adventures.

Well! I hope this has some thoughts percolating – I’ll see you after our trip! (Hopefully with some gorgeous photos!)

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