On Being “Mom”

I am a Mom. It is both who I am (although it’s not the only person I am) and what I do. It’s something that defines me.

They are adorable, and I love them.

We had some portraits taken before we left Japan. (Fun fact, if you can read kanji you’ll know where we were stationed from this pic!)

Me and my first baby. :)

In motherhood, all of my half-developed skills and modest talents combined to form a strange sort of superpower. I’m a fairly good singer, an indifferent seamstress, a sometime artist and storyteller. Put me into a group of adults and I fade into the background. Put me in a room with some children, though, and soon we will all be having a good time.

Although it will probably be a dirty room.

As my children show me their view of the world, I remember things that I had forgotten, and learn other things that I never knew.

Who's there?!

More times than I can count, I’ve had to push through my own limitations, to go past what I thought I could take, and postpone or ignore my own desires so that I could meet the needs of these little men.

Worth it.

The more I experience as a mother, the more I appreciate my own mother.

Just me and my baby sister.

That’s me on the right; my little sister is on the left. We are the third and fourth children, respectively, out of six. This week my mom told me that she still wakes up in the night when it’s time to feed the baby – and my youngest sister just turned nineteen. Motherhood is something that leaves a permanent mark on a person (hopefully for the better).


Being a mom has taught me a lot about things like “How to Suck it Up and Just Take Care of Things” and “Why You’re Now Responsible for Everyone’s Vomit” as well as “Things Kids Will and Won’t Eat: The Saga Continues.” I can’t remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep, and I’ve been surprised to learn that I don’t need one to be a happy, useful person. Life goes on whether you’re tired or not.

Kids are fun!

Kids are a pain. And a joy. They are also, surprisingly, individuals and people in their own right – and every one is different. Even twins.

I feel fortunate to have the blessing of motherhood, and the opportunity to be, now and forever – a Mom.


  1. mom says:

    One of the greates joys and frustrations of being a mom for me is always, every minute having others on my mind. There is always someone else to rejoice or stress over, someone to pray for, someone to help. But more now, and I’m sure much more in years to come there is someone doing these things for me. Thanks kids- and thanks Mom (and Dad)

  2. Miriam says:

    Hi Melissa, what a beautiful post!
    I’m getting married next year, and hoping to have my first kid (out of many, with the grace of God!) in about 2 years.
    Reading your blog is very inspirational to me, and this particular post touched me a lot.
    It’s so amazing to think how love is not just a feeling, but donation and self-giving! And, at the same time, as you put it yourself and as Jesus teaches us, the more we give, the more we receive =) The logic of love is really peculiar, but incredibly amazing.
    I hope I will become a great mom like you!

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