Sometime in the last six hours, my counter climbed up over 100,000 hits. Now, even if we assume half of those are from my mom (hi, mom!), that’s a lot of visitors. A lot has happened here since hit number 1 – I’ve published (and self-published) multiple patterns, both for free and a few for sale. Occasionally I actually make a sale, and the accumulated funds allow me to purchase the odd used paperback to expand my library (nice). I learned to knit – I actually started knitting things – I got better at knitting. I’ve moved once (coming up on twice), Greg’s grandfather died, I had a baby.

I’m doing pretty well with NaNoWriMo – I met the wordcount goal for each of the first two days. We’ll see about today; I haven’t even started on today’s quota. Since, you know, all the words that I’m writing here do not count. Too bad!

Our house is almost finished. We went to visit it yesterday – aaaah, it’s so pretty! I measured my work-closet. Over 22 square feet! Not bad, not bad at all. Roomier than my couch cushion, for sure. See?

closet (1)


Yeah, baby! Welcome to TooManyHooks-central. If I get a laptop and some wireless internet, I may never have to leave.


  1. mom says:

    Um, you still have to go potty! or is that in there too. I’m so green. My stuff is crammed in the corner of the diningroom, and looks so classy there too. Humph. Mom

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