Some of you may remember the daffodil earrings I found for my Spring Etsy Diving. I was so enamored of them that I decided I wanted to order some daffodils. Daffodils are my mother’s favorite flower, and as her birthday is in the spring as well, I thought a daffodil necklace would be a great present. I contacted the owner and she was kind enough to make a custom order for me: three daffodils, ready to be made into a necklace.

Daffodils from Stranded Treasures

I added a little gold and turquoise (I think the turquoise beads look a bit like robin’s eggs, adding to the springy feel), and there you have it!

Daffodils and robin's eggs?

Pretty! (Happy Birthday, Mom!) You can see more flowers over at Stranded Treasures, like poppies,


calla lilies,

and roses.

I think they’re fantastic!


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