Etsy Diving: Citrus

Isn’t it funny that citrus fruit – which I, at least, have always associated with summer – is ripe here in January? Lemons and oranges are all over the place, fallen unnoticed across sidewalks like so many dead leaves. They just have such bright colors! Isn’t is pretty?

Fresh and light, citrus for the win!

1. Lemons, anyone? by faithworks4u 2. Citrus Crochet Cotton Dishcloth Collection by sweetbriers 3. Bright Yellow Chalcedony Necklace by citydetails 4. Sweet Orange Slice Earrings by handsolo

Is that not the most adorable little girl you have ever seen? Could it be that I’m suffering from daughter envy? Look, lots of things are possible. One thing I do know – oranges are nice!


5. Citrus Sorbet Coconut Milk Soap by botanicalroots 6. Polymer Clay Citrus Slices by littleTstudio 7. Tangelo Marmalade by LidsJamsandJellies 8. Citrus Sock Yarn by msgusset


  1. mom says:

    Be like Aunt Julia and go ask if they mind if you pick their fruit so it won’t mess up their yard. Then you can make Marmalade or dehydrate oranges, lemons or limes. Oranges dehydeated are YUMMY

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