They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Haha!


(Which is Monday here, for those of you wondering, ‘Why are the movers coming on a Sunday?’)

So, tomorrow they will come pack, and Tuesday they will come pack, and Wednesday they will load everything but our suitcases and hopefully some toilet paper onto the truck and take it away. Then, we get to spend a week in our house using paper plates and sleeping on loaner beds before we get to move into the temporary base lodging. We will spend a few days there, and then off we fly – out of Japan, likely never to return.

We’re starting a new “Life Chapter” with this move. I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned it (have I mentioned it?) but Greg is getting out of the military, so we’ve got a lot of fun ahead of us as he heads off to motorcycle mechanic school and tries to find a job that can support 6 people at the same time. As soon as we get settled down in Arizona, I’m going to start crocheting and knitting a lot more, because I want to try and actually make some money off of it to help support us. So, at least that should be more entertaining for those of you who still show up here, wondering if I’ll ever feature yarn again.

On a related note (a life change and “we’re gonna be poor” note, not a “yarn” note), I’ve opened up a Zazzle store! It’s Japanese themed – I’ve been thinking about Japan a lot lately – and includes some photographs that I’ve taken here, as well as lovely old Japanese art and photographs. If you feel like it, go buy something! If you don’t feel like buying anything but you feel like being friendly, go look at it and poke around. ‘Like’ it on Stumbleupon (I’ve already added the storefront and a few of the designs so you won’t even have to discover it.) Apparently the more pageviews my designs get, the higher they go in the search rankings so that people who are searching for “samurai shirts”

or a “geisha mug”

or a “Japanese demon poster”

might actually see my stuff instead of the other 10,000 products that would come up with those searches. (If you have a Zazzle account, you could also rate or comment on my products. That would be great.)

At any rate – this week is going to be killer, and not in a good way. I can’t wait for it to be over.

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