“My Life” is a Blur

Greg and I went to Tokyo this weekend – and into just four days (that includes the drive there and back!) we crammed more walking, sightseeing, walking, sweating, climbing stairs, walking, (sweating, sweating, sweating), and walking than I thought I could endure. This was actually my first visit to Tokyo – if you don’t count the inside of an airport. Which I don’t. I know, I know, I’m cutting it close, huh?

So: Tokyo is tall,

Some skyscrapers in Tokyo

and complicated,

Railway maps in Tokyo!

with giant expanses of forest within the city,

Torii Gate entrance to the Meiji forest

and did I mention it’s crowded?

Shibuya intersection - the busiest intersection in the world.

It was madness. On the way home we stopped and spent a few hours at Nikko. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, but apparently it’s a World Heritage Site, and those are always worth seeing. Nikko was definitely, undoubtedly worth seeing. It was even worth the sweating and the stair-climbing, and that’s not a claim I just toss around.

It was beautiful.

Oh, look. Stairs.

It was imposing.

Many, many stairs.

I could not capture the unbelievable magnificence of it with my camera, but I sure tried.

Gold, gold everywhere.

I caught myself trying to put everything that was amazing about Nikko into this post, and I just couldn’t. I’d love to do an entire post about it, but I’m not sure when I’ll have time. I think there’s something wrong with my calendar – according to the date shown here, they’re coming to pack out my house in two weeks, and that can’t possibly be right.

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