So There.

Well, I couldn’t find my G hook, but after I posted last night I decided to go for it with my F hook and see how things went. The answer to that question is “not bad.” It’s not optimal, exactly, although it works fine. I prefer the slightly larger hook for ease working with the worsted yarn. The smaller hook will probably make it more durable, even though it took longer and hurt my fingers. Hooks can’t get me down, though, because I finished my friend’s penguin!

Mighty Joe Penguin!

He’s maybe five inches high, and cute as all get out (whatever that means). Joe – I call him Joe – had fun exploring the arctic conditions outside.


Yay! It was a fun and easy design to come up with, and hopefully I can get this pattern written up this week, too. I like designing more than I like pattern-writing, though, so I may put it off a little bit. Maybe I need a secretary. Or my own personal editor. I’ll do the creative work and they can do the formatting. Ah well.

Penguin Power!

You take what you can get, that’s Joe’s philosophy.


  1. mom says:

    Your penguin is positivly poppin’with great colors! I would have been tempted to go with a little alliteration – Percy, or Percilla, or Peter Penguin – Joe is nice and unassuming.

  2. Abi says:

    Awww, wicked cute! I love how you just came up with that in an evening. I’ve only made up my own pattern once for a baby hat and that was hard enough for me to write it out. You rock!

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