Gemstone Goodies

So, I got some fun things in the mail.

Pretty, pretty colors!

Malachite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, and cultured freshwater pearls – not to mention some shiny gold beads and findings and a very nice set of red jasper focal components.

Fire Mountain Gems is a fun place to shop.

I also picked up a spiffy beading board:

See? Those hearts are red jasper.

which is AWESOME for laying out necklaces. Instead of just stringing beads to see how they look, you can measure how long you want your necklace to be and start in the middle, working your way to the fastening. You can also lay out more than one strand at a time, which is massively useful, since trying to design a multi-strand necklace on the fly is far more complicated than one might expect.


So, I made this today…and I like it. :)  Max is pretty smitten with the hearts, too.

In other news, a Hitler cat has been hanging around our porch for the last three days. The kids, of course, have gone nuts over it and it’s been almost all I can do to keep them from rushing out “to rub it.” Now, I don’t have anything against cats. I like cats. (I’m also allergic to cats, but that hasn’t stopped me from being friends with cats in the past.) I do, however, have serious qualms about letting my kids go ‘play’ with a random stray cat that just hangs around and stares at us. Hopefully it will move on quickly, and this will soon be but a happy memory.

There's something creepy about a tiny moustache on a cat.

It occurs to me that the sliding door needs washing.


  1. Bezzie says:

    Hee hee, yeah if you maybe knew who owned Mein Kat, it wouldn’t be such a problem to let the boys get their pet on.

    Lovely necklace! And embarrassingly enough, I didn’t know that’s what those boards were for! LOL!

  2. mom says:

    He he – I thought it was a Hitler cat because of attitude and that was why you didn’t want the boys playing with him (?) but I see that it is not attitude at all. Dial up is fun – you get to puzzle things out while the pictures load

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