Happy, Happy, POMPOM!

So, this year, for Christmas, I bought myself a box of yarn (and, um, some other things. Beside the point…). I maintain that it was not just for me. See?

Happy pom pom hat :D

That involved five different balls in and of itself! (I have no idea why he decided he needed to have his hand over his face.) He is such a cutie. Seriously, though, it takes some strenuous planning to create a hat cute enough for this child. Let’s have another look, shall we?

Again with the hand!

Pretty! Again with the hand – look, I don’t know. But he was giggling the whole time. I knit the hat flat (you can see the seam where I sewed it up) but I don’t like the floppy ‘corners’ you get when you just seam up a tube and put pompoms on it, so I decreased at the top so the pompoms wouldn’t have anywhere to go. (May I just say, as well, that those are the most fun pompoms I have ever made in my entire life.)

The only problem I have now is that Max is insisting I begin a hat for him immediately.


  1. Abi says:

    What a cute hat and your pompoms look wicked awesome! Did you make up your own pattern for it? I love the colors, so bright and happy.

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