So, in the last 24 hours

Max's hatI made a hat. Surprise! I figured that after Charlie’s hoodie, Max was due for something warm. (We’re taking another trip into temperate weather for Thanksgiving, and after the chilling we got in Colorado, I’m trying to crank out the warm things.) I have five balls of green Swish that are just sitting up in my closet waiting to be made into a sweater for Max – I’ve been thinking Sherwood. I remember when that issue of Knitty came out, I saw that sweater and I wanted to make it for him so much. At the time, it was well outside of my knitting abilities (or, at least, confidence). It’s still a little daunting to me. I wanted to test the waters a little bit, and so I created a hat that used the cable pattern from the sweater.

I will admit to being impressed with myself. I made it out of Patons Classic Wool Merino, my first project with that particular yarn, and it was quite enjoyable to work with. (Although I felt like I was using toothpicks and floss, after the giant yarn and needles I used for that hoodie.) Max likes it very much, I think it looks good, it only cost like two dollars – um, if we don’t count the bamboo dpns that I purchased with it. Then it would be more like ten dollars. But those don’t count! I’ll be using them again. I have to say that I’ve really fallen in love with the bamboo, especially with a nice wool…mmm.

nottingham cabled hat

Anyway, I’m writing the pattern up right now, and so it might be available as early as tomorrow. I’ve taken a stab at resizing for toddler and adult (Max is pretty clearly out of toddler status now. 😥 I’ve been putting that one off for months now. Sniffle.) but please keep in mind that I’m not knitting up those sizes, I’ve just done some math.

Editing to add that the pattern is up! I hope you enjoy it, please let me know if you come across an error or problem. :)


  1. Tirzah says:

    I love the hat!! I still haven’t reached the confidence level with my knitting. Each time I try again, it seems, I decide I like crochet so much more. Then, I get an idea or see a pattern and I try knitting again. Maybe one day I’ll have the guts to be daring with my knitting!

  2. Abi says:

    That hat is wicked awesome! I love how your just like, oh I made a hat in just 24 hours. It would have taken me days to do that. Simply amazing. I have yet to knit a hat or even attempt to knit cables. I’m still just knitting squares and rectangles. It looks great!!!

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