More Yarn Shopping

I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t been able to get much crafting done. What’s the best solution for that? More supplies! I went over to Yarnivore today to spend some money (woo!) and pick up some yarn. Melanie was helpful as ever, and perfectly willing to help me decide how to spend my recreational yarn budget. After some browsing, and some wandering, and my first experience sniffing yarn (look, I’ve heard that people do that, and Melanie encouraged me…) I picked out some beautiful yarn.

baby alpaca brush

Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush. They had an entire skein knitted up and dangling from the display; it was incredibly persuasive. Melanie and I tried to figure out how many skeins I would need to make a sweater (so as to entirely swathe myself in it) and arrived at an estimate of 10. That felt too expensive to me, so I bought 5. Surely, I thought, I can make half a sweater’s worth of something fantastic? I also bought four balls of wool:


classic wool

I have a great idea for a crocheted child’s/man’s sweater, and I thought I’d try it out in Charlie or Max’s size – to see if Greg would wear one – before I made one for him. Not that he’s picky, or anything. (*cough* NOT! *cough*) I love him anyway. :) And I think he’ll like it. I also picked up a copy of the Crocheter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirement, which I have been eying online for quite some time. It seems like it would be useful. I have plans to visit Yarnivore off and on of the the few months we’re going to be here, still. I need to stock up, you know!

Now I’m off to watch Scrubs with Greg and see if I can finish weaving in the ends on that Sheepghan! If I can finish it tonight I can give it to someone at church tomorrow (for those of you who don’t remember from my post on my old blog, I’m making these afghans for babies born at church) and have its dark presence out of my house. Haha.


  1. bezzie says:

    Oh mama, a sweater made of that alpaca? Mmmmm!
    I also like your idea of making prototype sweaters for the boys to see if your husband would wear them. I’ll have to stock that idea away for my own use!

  2. Abi says:

    Ha ha, you are too hilarious. Dark Presence. Ha ha. Anywho, I think it’s funny that you make sweaters for your kids so you hubby thinks, “Hmm that looks good, I think I want one for myself”. That’s awesome

  3. Mom says:

    Um, Child of mine – “Babies born at church” what would MS. Staples say??? Bonnie’s got her this year, along with Stephen. (he has College Prep – shudder!) The sheepgan is cute, but I’d have to put tassels on the ends, and babies don’t really like tassels cause they get in their faces. Love Mom

  4. Gabbi says:

    Okay, so now after your mom’s comment, I’m trying to determine the safest place in the meetinghouse to deliver a baby. That Yarnivore place seems like quite the destination.

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