Surprise Pattern!

I already had the yarn out. The stuffing was right there. And I hadn’t been able – for weeks – to shake the thought: “That would be so easy to do.” When I walked by a shelf this morning and spied a crochet hook just lying there, I couldn’t resist. Please allow me to present –

The Golden Snitch. I’ve written up the pattern and stuck it on my site: you can find it here. I’ve also been working on moving over those last few pesky patterns from my blog, but I’m really tired of doing that right now. So I hope you like the snitch, everybody! Those little suckers are fast.


  1. Amy says:

    I just Stumbled on your web site and I am IMPRESSED! Your patterns are fantastic! I hope to be purchasing one or more soon.

  2. Abi says:

    When I saw your snitch, I thought know this is a really Harry Potter fan. It’s aweseome! So, have you read Book 7? I still need to buy it but can’t seem to find a copy in the city. Grrr, we were visiting my in-laws for a month and were kinda cut off from the real world when the book came out. Oh well.

  3. Andres P. Nevarez says:

    Thanks for the great Pattern. I received a Golden Snitch as part of a Harry Potter Scarf Exchange and I was delighted. My partner guided me here. Thanks for giving all of us something for our inner child.

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