Everything is out of whack

I didn’t really blog last week: Greg’s mother and grandmother came to stay with us and we were incredibly busy until they left. That, I am sure, is the reason that I didn’t notice my blog had gone down until my dad sent me an email. I am really not pleased at all with its disappearance: I wrote on that blog for over two years and hadn’t really any intention of moving in the near future. It’s all for the best though, I’m sure: the last time my blog went down I bought a website and I’m very pleased with how that’s developing. I’ve had fun putting this blog together, anyway.

You may have noticed a cheerful blue-and-white button to the right underneath the heading ‘Visit my sites!’ I’ve decided to go ahead and launch a project I’ve been working on for months (with extensive help from my father). It’s called My Crochet Marketplace and it’s intended to be a directory of crochet patterns you can buy on the internet. It’s been really fun assembling the links – I have over 500 so far – but it will take a while before it’s a good, extensive resource. Please go visit and look around – it’s a bit plain at the moment, and I’m still tackling various coding issues, but I really am working on it.

hedera_heelAll of this visiting and site-building and blog-exploding (not to mention the various diaper-changes, dish-washing, and food-preparing tasks that I’m still responsible for) has cut quite severely into the crafting time. I’ve made some good progress on Hedera (er, the first one, still), but I’ve only knit on it for a hour or two over the past week and a half.

Which is something that makes me very cranky.


  1. bezzie says:

    Thanks for the head’s up on the blog implosion! I figured you were still entertaining the family! Didja put them to work packing boxes in early anticipation of the move? 😉

  2. Abi says:

    Busy lady. That’s a really good idea to put all sale patterns together. If only I had lots of money to buy most of them and had the time to make them all. Your sock is looking great!

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