…no matter how many projects you have going at once, you still only get sort of the same amount of progress done. Crud. Looking at my list of things to do and to make, that is sort of… daunting.

Also, my camera pretended it was blind for a good long time this morning, but then decided that not only was it not quite dead, but in fact it was feeling much better and wanted to go for a walk. So I have pictures. But it’s probably time to start setting aside money for a new camera. Sigh.


As you can see, Charlie’s mittens are almost finished. Yay! And here’s a new pic of my cotton top:


Which has made progress since the last photo but none at all since I began the mittens. Which makes no sense at all. If you take more on, you’re supposed to be able to get more done, right? I could swear that I read that somewhere…


  1. Julie says:

    Surely I’ve read that somewhere too…it’s why I keep casting on new projects!

    Fortunately your camera wasn’t turned into a newt. 😛

  2. Tammy says:

    It sounds good in theory, but alas, it is not true. (sigh) I think it’s a clever way to get us to try to do more. lol
    Charlie’s mittens look so adorable! Yay for you – almost having them done!

  3. Tirzah says:

    It usually seems that way. When we have nothing going, I get nothing done. I think I just get lazy when there isn’t a deadline or something.

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