I’ve Been Meaning to Blog…

…for days, now. I was going to blog today. This kind of counts. But not really. I suppose I could get the camera down and stick the pictures on here for you. I’m so tired, though. Sigh.

There. Fine. I did it. I hope you’re happy. My mom gave me some circular needles at Christmas. I hadn’t used them yet, but I wanted to. I actually had something specific in mind, using some specific yarn. I decided to cast on for it over this weekend, since these days sometimes Max will turn the pages of Hop on Pop if I recite it for him, and I can actually use my hands. If, of course, what I’m working on is easy to drop, easy to get back into, requires little shaping or attention, and I don’t have to take notes. Since most of what I design is, you know, pretty much the opposite of that, I thought some knitting would fit the bill. See?


It’s a swatch. Are you shocked? I’m a little bit shocked. Of course, it was a good thing I swatched, because then I knew how much to cast on (blah, blah, blah) but I didn’t enjoy it. Much. I certainly didn’t wash it, you know, because I’m a rebel. (Yeah…that’s why…)

Anyway, I frogged it once I had completed the requisite calculations and cast on!

ribbed cotton top

I’ve more than doubled its length since I took that picture for blogging two days ago. I’m not going to take another one today. It’s dark. It’s seamless, in the round – it’s going to be a shirt for me! I’m making it with some Lily cotton in Faded Denim: nice and soft, pretty blue. Mmmmm. I started squee-ing as it got bigger, because it was starting to ‘look like a shirt.’

“That’s great,” Greg said. “When’s it going to be done?”

At this point I levelled a good stare at him and said something like “a really long time.” Greg is not a ‘process-oriented’ person. It’s fun, though. I’m not using a pattern of any kind! I’m flying free. A bit daring, perhaps, for someone who’s never knit anything more ambitious than a baby sweater. Can’t be too hard though, right? I’ve already stuck it on another circ and tried it on (it fits, it fits!) so we’ll see how it goes.

This week I’ve become increasingly engrossed in a new cockeyed scheme. It’s extremely absorbing, probably a good idea, and possibly a bad idea. Details to follow…hopefully in the next week or so.

In other news, Wren has finally succumbed and asked me to help her brush up on her crocheting! We refreshed her, corrected her techniques (she was making the same mistakes I had been making. What do you make of that? Our current theory is that as a child I convinced her that she was doing it wrong…), and I taught her to follow a pattern! See?


I’m so proud of her! Pretty little dishcloth. Shhh, don’t tell her I showed you. (Who am I kidding? She reads my blog, I’m totally busted.) Now she’s making a Baby Snow Dragon. To employ an extremely overused pun, I think she’s hooked!


  1. Abi says:

    Ooo, I’m excited about your shirt. I’m glad you’re making something fun for yourself. I still need to gather up the courage to make an article of clothing for myself. It’s the mommy syndrome thing where you make lots of things for everyone but yourself. It really doesn’t help when your kids are so freaking cute, does it?

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