This week in mittens

What have I got to show for myself? Why, nothing less than three more pair of mittens! You know you’re thrilled. We’ve got a green pair with a yellow stripe –

green mittens with yellow stripe

– I think I’ll make the stripe one row narrower next time. Also, a yellow pair with red cuffs and thumbs:

red and yellow mittens

And one more pair. Shield your eyes:

red mittens

Yeah, I know. This is not the shade of red I had thought I had purchased. I thought I had gotten another skein of Cherry Red, which is a nice, bright, respectable red. As you can see, it is not. I accidentally grabbed a skein of ‘Hot Red,’ a bright, blazing, incandescent shade of red (Wren agrees that incandescent is the correct term). Max likes it, though, and since he’s my test audicence, we’re running with it. We may see a few more pair of plain red mittens in an attempt to go through it quickly. I also worked up two more plush hangers. If you want to see what they look like, please reference the previous post. They look the same.

Here’s your warning, folks. Posts – especially posts with projects – will be sparse for a few weeks. I’m finishing some things up for the spring Crochetme, and then after that I need to prepare the new March content for Inner Child Crochet. See ya!

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