Mittens, Mohair, and, uhhhh…Yarn.

Let’s see: what have I been up to? Well, there’s another set of mittens (of course) – and if you like them, you’re in luck! You can find the free pattern here, at Inner Child Crochet. (Enjoy! I think they’re very cute mittens.)


I’ve also been thrift shopping, again, and I found a nice big sweater in a lovely shade of blue – mostly synthetic, but with 15% mohair! I can’t wait to dismember – er, I mean, recycle it.

blue mohair

I’ve also overdyed some of my cashmere. I took about two ounces, just over 850 yards, and overdyed it using two packets of Ice-Blue Raspberry Lemonade. (That was our favorite flavor, back when we still drank the stuff. We had a bunch left over!) Let me tell you, though, I have never questioned my own sanity as much as I did while I was coaxing my cashmere into a bowl of koolaid. Anyway, I only wanted a subtle color change, and subtle is the word I would use to describe it:


I’ve put it next to an undyed skein for comparison, because I think that without the comparison you might not know there was a change at all! (I kind of wish I had used another packet, but I dyed it twice and was NOT up for a third time.) Here’s another picture, taken inside, that hopefully illustrates the color difference better:


See? There you go. Definitely a different color. Now it’s a pale pale blue instead of a seafoam green, and richer instead of a smidge greyish. There. Now I feel better, it’s definitely an improvement, and it wasn’t a bad color to begin with. I wound it (doubled) around a toilet paper roller, which works fine for my cheap behind, thanks. It’s due to become something special. (The cashmere, not the roller. Although the roller is pretty sweet, too – we buy Cottonelle, and that stuff comes cleanly off of the cardboard. Niiiice.)


  1. Tammy says:

    Thank you for the great mitten pattern! I crochet and knit a LOT for charity and this pattern will definitely be used to keep a lot of little hands warm.

    I love the way the yarn turned out ~ what a lovely color!

  2. Sidsel says:

    Hi,so fun to see the change of colour when dyeing..:lol: I would never dare to dye my cashmere yarn 😯 But your result was wonderful…:smile:
    Good luck…:smile:

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