Today is a day of sadness. Today is a day of pain.

Today is the day it got warm enough to haul out the summer baby clothes. Yes, I would finally get to put Charlie in those cute little rompers I had saved from Max’s baby days. They are so cute – there are a few with dinosaurs, one with a froggie, one with a truck…I was so looking forward to using them for my second son, and revisiting the sweet memories of their last use. We pulled out a six-month size – too small. No real surprise there, the kid is a freaking giant. We pulled out a nine-month size – too small. Oh. I dug around until I was able to find one in a twelve-month size. And it fits. (Although, it’s a bit snug. I don’t think it will fit for long.) Sniffle.

big boy

In case you haven’t been keeping track, this child is not yet six months old. His six-month birthday isn’t until next week. And now he has completely skipped over drawerfuls of clothing. I have so many clothes that were lovingly unpacked at the beginning of winter that need to be sadly sent back into the storage boxes, unused, until they may be called upon to be worn by the next baby. Just for comparison, here’s a picture of Max wearing that exact same romper:

swinging 002

In this picture he is 12 months old. We have a few shots of him wearing it as old as 14 months, but I like this picture. I have to say, though, it looks like Charlie fills it out more. Which makes sense. According to our bathroom scale, Charlie weighs better than 20 lbs. Max didn’t hit that weight until after his first birthday.
Dang it, he is getting too big too quickly. Why is he growing so fast? Doesn’t he realize that I am enjoying his happy, chubby, perfectly healthy babyhood? Doesn’t he have any consideration for my feelings? Why doesn’t he want to stay my baby? 😥


  1. Julie says:

    I totally understand the bit about Charlie skipping over drawers full of clothes – my son was a large, large baby, and we lived in South Carolina, and relatives kept sending us darling little winter clothes in, like, 3- and 6-month-old sizes, and I was like, “Y’all. He is WAY beyond these sizes, and it is 75 degrees. Please! Send onesies!” :)

    That said, the boy is now 10 and wears the same shoe size as me. Clearly he is continuing on his path to largeness!

    What a grin Charlie has! :)

  2. Dawn says:

    Oh I so hear you Melissa! #3 hit the 1 year mark at the beginning of the month and every day I look at him and think that it seems I just had him yesterday and feel like he should be still snuggling the days away in the sling…yet there he goes running across the room. SIGH. I’ve got the reverse clothing problem though, he’s bang on average and his big brother was way ahead of the curve so he swims in everything. And I simply cannot handle letting the clothes he’s outgrown go…there will most definitely be no more babies, but awwwwwwwwww those tiny clothes just melt my heart! Hang in there and hug him, it helps!

  3. Abi says:

    I know how you feel. When my oldest daughter grew out of all her cute baby clothes I had a hard time packing them up but was so excited when I could unpack them for my second little girl. Now, I still have a hard time when I have to pack up the clothes my baby’s growing out of. It means she getting bigger. So sad.

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