Gee, This Seems Familiar

*cue music*
I’ve seen that cuff…somewhere before – I’ve seen that glove…before –
I think I’ve knitted this before….


Please pardon the silliness. You must agree, though, that the picture resembles the pic in my prior post. That is because I have finished THIS:


It’s a glove! But you knew that already, right, because it’s shaped like a glove! It’s glovely! It’s a paragon of gloveliness! In case you cannot tell, I’m pretty psyched about the gloveliness of the glove I gloved. I can count one glove as a finished object, right? A glove in worsted yarn goes really fast – up until the fingers. Then, you get to finish off, reattach. Finish off, reattach. Finish off, reattach, finish off, reattach, finish off. Weave in ends. Everyone’s favorite part of the knitting, yaaaay…I threatened Greg with a mitten for his other hand. Didn’t you hear? All the cool kids are wearing mittens this winter. He didn’t buy it. That aside, this glove is not finished, anyway, because I promised him some embellishment on the backs for which I need some white yarn. When I went to Joann’s I was going to get some, but all they had was the sparkly white, and somehow I didn’t think he’d appreciate it.

To celebrate the End of the First Glove, I cast on for a Melissa project:


It’s Liesel! A lovely lace scarf featuring a pattern of elm leaves. It’s my first lace project ever, and while I had some serious problems beginning, and it’s riddled with mistakes, I think I love it. I mean, really, lace (aka extra ventilation) is more practical for this climate than my beloved cables (aka extra insulation). Even unblocked in worsted, I’m amazed at how airy, light, and open it is. See?


Hey, I can see mistakes from here! Bother.


  1. bezzie says:

    I love your glove!!! All that tender gloving care you put into knitting it!

    I can’t see your mistakes! That’s one thing I like about lace it’s hard to tell if a mistake is intentional or not!

  2. Julie says:

    Honestly? I don’t see any mistakes in that lace. It’s beautiful! Nice glove, too – I think gloves are a sign of true love – we’re not willing to weave in all those daggone ends for just anybody! :)

  3. Abi says:

    I just love reading your blog, so very entertaining. And what is more fun than talking about your crafting. Love the glove, I think the combination of glove and mitten is very cool, very unique.

    As for your mistakes, what are you talking about?!? I don’t see any, it looks really great. So pretty! I love the colors of your yarn. So jealous. I want some.:mrgreen:

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