Window Treats

Max’s toothy little problem did put a dent into our ‘fixing up the new house’ budget. We looked through our plans, and came to the decision that the drapes would be the place where we cut the first corner. It was a little sad – we had decided to buy some nice drapes for the house, even picked some out – and while we weren’t going for something too fabulously expensive, it was a bit extravagant for us. On the other hand, that means that I get to make the curtains, now. Which I like. It was that, actually, that sort of pulled me out of my stress-induced stupor and relit the flame under my crafty behind. I went on Wednesday to see what I could find at Walmart in the way of curtain-y material (which, you might have guessed, was not much). I did find some suitable fabric for Max’s bedroom


and his playroom. He picked it out himself.


Then today, we all trooped off to the nearest Joann’s. Which is, like, 10 miles away. (Edit: I lied – mapquest says it’s only 8 miles away. I guess the thirty minutes it took to get there threw me off. ;)) Don’t laugh, mom, that’s through heavy traffic. Anyway, it was great, because they were having a 40% off sale on all of their home decorating fabrics. We got some in a nice dark olive green for the living and dining rooms:


and some perky plaid for the three windows that face the front of the house.


The plaid was a red tag fabric, which meant that the 40% off didn’t apply. BUT, when I got up to the cutting table, they told me that it was actually 50% off! So it was much cheaper than I had calculated. They asked me what I was doing with all of this fabric, and I explained that I’d moved into a new house and was making drapes for all of the windows. Then, this nice older woman came up to me and said that she’d heard what I said, and handed me a coupon for $15 off of my purchase. 😮 Wow. I was floating.

And on the good vibes of saving so much money, I bought something little that I reeeeally wanted.


It’s a wool-cotton blend (no acrylic! Some nylon, though) and sooooo soft. I’m not sure what to do with it. It may become my first petting stash yarn. They had some lovely soft wool there, too – I don’t really have a LYS, so it was my first experience just petting nicer yarn, and actually buying it. (No shipping!)

So I leave you now, with happy thoughts and this image:

yarn 1

Enjoy your day.


  1. bezzie says:

    Oh goodness, no LYS and Joann’s is 10 miles away? Where did you move to!!! (I won’t lie, I did an online search for Joanns, Michaels and Hobby Lobby when we were deciding on apts. here in SA!)

    Pretty fabrics. And I’m impressed with that yarn. Wool and cotton huh? What’s the percentage of each?

  2. Julie says:

    Ooooh, that Dolcetto is SO wonderful! I bought some last year when my local JoAnn went out of business (they were opening a new store 5 miles away and decided the one in my neighborhood was redundant. I eased the pain by buying a LOT of yarn at 80% off. Ha!). Anyway, my point was, the Dolcetto is delicious! You’ll love working with it, too, if you can ever stop petting it. :)

    The curtain fabric is lovely! I don’t enjoy sewing myself, but looking at fabric is fun.

  3. mom says:

    The drapery fabrics are wonderfull, You are so much more daring than I am on your decorating. Making drapes for the new quarters is a mulit generational TRADITION! Enjoy. Love Mom (oh, go sign up for the Joann’s flyer, they almost always have a 40% off coupon.)

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