*sings* Everybody, Everybody Sleeps…

My husband is asleep. My toddler is asleep. My baby is asleep. This is unheard of. So, what do I do? Do I run off to the kitchen to wash the dishes?


Perhaps then, the laundry?


Well, am I picking up th-

No! Just…no. I’m saying hello to the internet! Hello, internet! I have crocheted a wee bit more, but I still can’t post any pics of my project. Therefore, to stave off nopictureitis (a common malady seriously detrimental to a blog) we’re going to have a Show-and-Tell Wednesday.

Greg and I went shopping this weekend, so I could buy a new shirt (I am in desperate need of nice-casual attire). We went to Ross, which was a madhouse, but I came home with this:

(Why am I such a ham? The world may never know. Oh, and I’ve just realized it looks like I’m scratching my head. I’m not, I was brushing my hair back. I was! Shut up.)

While I was shopping for a shirt, Greg wandered aimlessly (and unsupervised) through the store. To my surprise, he did not come back looking to buy a giant inflatable motorcycle-riding Santa. He had found this:


You may be having trouble seeing the words due to the glare – it reads: “No Success Can Compensate for Failure in the Home.” It’s a very famous quote (at least in our church) by David O. McKay, a prophet and former President of the LDS church. Needless to say, we were pretty surprised to see it in a random retail store. We bought it, and it’s hanging on our wall now – that’s something that we, as parents, try to remember.

And, before we conclude Show-and-Tell Wednesday, I have to wax romantic about my new shoes.



shoes 2

shoes 1

I love my new shoes. They are the cutest shoes I have owned in years. (Seriously, it’s been so long since I’ve worn a heel that I’ve been practicing in them.) They are cute, and I love them, and they are brown and cute and my cute brown shoes and hey! Did you notice? They go with my new shirt. Okay, I’ll stop babbling now. 😉


  1. nessacery says:

    oh my GOODNESS I LOVE those shoes!! The blouse is great also. I do believe that Ross is my favorite store. I am always on the lookout for a good bargain when it comes to clothing, I can not see the reasoning in spending $75 on a pair of blue jeans or $100 on a pair of heels.

  2. Gabbi says:

    Ah Ha!! I knew you were LDS!! I’ve been noticing your patterns at Crochet Me, and when I saw your photo I knew exactly where it was taken. I had to check out your blog. Every now and then I drop by. I am so amazed by your patterns!! I’m one of those people that just has to follow a pattern (a tested one, mind you!) instead of just crocheting something original. And here I thought I was a free spirit. Anyway, I have the feeling that you live just minutes away from my parents. I know you’re dying to get out of there, but I’m stuck in an army town and trying to get back home. Were there any more of the framed quote at the store? I gotta send my mom.
    Oh, and speaking of inflatable Santas, One day as my husband and I were perusing through Garden Ridge trying to spend a gift card, I lost track of him in the Christmas section. While walking down the aisle, I noticed all of the inflatables deflating. Guess who found where they were all plugged in? Oh boy, I’m babbling too. Gotta get some sleep so I can crochet in the morning!

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