Happy Bloggiversary, happy bloggiversary…

…happy bloggiversary, haaaaaaappy bloggiversary! I’ve been blogging for a year! Hurray! In honor of the occasion I am pleased to present the Gallery of Finished Objects, available now for your viewing pleasure. It is not yet up as a link on the sidebar, but it will be – um, as soon as I…can. There you can find a picture of EVERY (almost every) finished object I have completed since late 2004, complete with a small blurb about the project and, where available, a link to the pattern whether it be free or for sale. That was kind of fun, going through all of my old pics and posts, finding information and dates and stuff.

At any rate, I am ALMOST finished with my current crocheting project, which slid into the UFO category after being neglected for over a month. It’s the last in a small collection of for-sale patterns (do you realize I haven’t added a sale pattern since last fall? Sheesh.) that should be fun. I seem to have a knack for designing toys…

ETA: Look, I’ve had over 60,000 hits in this year – that’s more than 1100 hits a week, averaged out. Hi, everybody!

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