I hate waiting.

Today I find myself waiting for a lot of things. Waiting, with bated breath, for CrochetMe to arrive. Waiting – although less expectantly – for the latest Knitty to show up. (They don’t have a specific publication date, I hear – they just get it up when they get it done. Which usually means a few days to a week after the start of the month. I like CrochetMe’s way a LOT better.) Waiting, still, for the postal service to deliver my yarn so I can finish my lovely sweater. Waiting for Christmas.

Waiting for Monday, when we get the key to our lovely townhouse.

Waiting can do strange things to a person. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to change the way I had handled the first corner of the edging on Genevieve, so I unravelled about 3/4 of the edging I had completed, made a few changes, and worked the yarn up again. (I’m almost back to where I was, and I’m glad I took the time to go back and fix the little lump.) I didn’t even mind undoing and reworking what was admittedly a LOT of work – it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been able to make any forward progress on Genevieve, and I haven’t been able to get myself to crochet anything else (which is bad, I have two other things that need doing). I was just so happy to have something else that I could do on her, something else that I could work on. I missed crocheting, I haven’t gone very long without a hook and some yarn in my hands since I picked crocheting back up! I’m just praying my package gets here before I decide I need to alter the sleeves (waaaaay back into it…) or something else equally insane.

The movers are going to move all our stuff on Tuesday – and while I’m waiting, I find myself digging out buckets and boxes that have been shut in a closet for a year, sorting through things we don’t use and probably don’t need, throwing some away and boxing the rest back up again. I don’t know why. I start working in half a dozen different areas, eventually accomplishing nothing in any of them. I had a mental short-circuit last night and started thinking that today would be Monday (the day we move the things we’re moving ourselves) and I actually sprang into (mental) action, listing what we needed to do, what we would need, etc. Then I figured out I had the day wrong and went back to crocheting the edging, but it felt so good to get the gears turning. (By the way, we’ve already done the necessary ‘ahead-of-time’ planning, I was talking about the ‘Okay, we need to do this NOW’ sort of organizational movements.)

Like I said, I hate waiting.

Oh, and for all of you who hate waiting, too, here’s a hint about my CrochetMe pattern! Last night CBS aired ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ (one of my favorite Christmas movies) and I was excited because hopefully some of the people who are eagerly awaiting the release of CrochetMe might have watched it last night, too, and so would remember what I was talking about in my pattern blurb. Heehee. Another hint? All of the patterns on the free patterns page are alphebatized.

Anyway, I’m off to check Crochetme, use up the rest of my dwindling ball of yarn, check Crochetme, get lunch, check Crochetme, sort through boxes, check Crochetme, wrap presents, check Crochetme, answer my email, check Crochetme, do some dishes…

You get the idea.

One more thing – I’ve added the Honor Guard Coaster pattern to my free patterns page. I realize it’s a highly specialized pattern, but hey. Maybe there’s another crocheting Honor Guard spouse/member out there who’s been looking for something like that…

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